Multibond EZ-2HV Wood Glue

Multibond EZ-2 HV - Wood Glue (pre-catalyzed)

Multibond EZ-2 HV is a shelf stable, one component (pre-catalyzed) cross-linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive. It is a higher viscosity version of Multibond EZ-2 and is designed or used in applications such as radio frequency and hot press gluing. Multibond EZ-2 HV is characterized by its low minimum use temperature making it an excellent alternative for use when factory temperatures are low. With its moderately fast setting rate, viscosity stability, and high percent solids, Multibond EZ-2 HV can also be used for a variety of assembly gluing applications.


  • Excellent for finger jointing or cold press laminating in colder climates;
  • Light colored glue line;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Low minimum use temperature (+7°C);


    • Meets European Standard DIN EN204 D3
    • Meets DIN EN 14257 WATT 91 Heat Testing

Like all adhesives, proper gluing practices are needed to achieve stated performance.

DIN EN 204 D3 Classification of Thermoplastic Wood Adhesives for Non-structural Applications:  
Load group D3 Beech

Storage sequence Minimum required average value (N/mm2) Average value (N/mm2)
on Multibond EZ-2 HV
1 ≥ 10 13,3
3 ≥ 2 2
4 ≥ 8 10,7


Chemical family description: Crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive
Color: Cream colored liquid
Weight solids (%): 45.5 - 49.4%
2.6 - 3.5
Typical viscosity mPas:
7000 - 12000 (3/12/28°C)
Specific gravity:
Freeze/thaw Stability:
Minimum Required Spread:
170 – 250 g/m2

Suggested minimum use temperature:: +7°C
Open Assembly Time: 5 min. (21°C./50%RH)
Total Assembly Time: 15 min. (21°C./50%RH)

Required Clamping Pressure:
Low density species (Pine, Poplar) – 7-10kg./,
Medium density species (Rubberwood, Cherry) – 9-13 kg./,
Hi dedsity speciesi (Oak, Maple) 13-18 kg./

Clean-up: For easy removal of adhesive from equipment, clean up while it is still wet with warm water (this includes the glue roller and pans). For dried glue, steam and or hot water are the most effective. Using glue release agents on equipment will also allow for easier clean up.

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